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Fostercare Rupea
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At home at the family Simonescu
The family Simonescu consists of Petru, Dana, and their son Marian. The family is now extended with the children Antonia, Emanuel, Alina, Andreea, Cristina, Marius, Aurelia and Deea. Their son no longer lives at home.

Dana is a primary school teacher in Rupea and has teached in that way a number of children of the children’s home. In these children she saw the need and the desire to belong to a family. Petru is declared unfit for work. He himself grew up in a children’s home and knows the hard life out there.

Petru and Dana started to foster two children, Antonia and Emanuel, into their apartment in 2006. Seeing what a positive impact living in a family had for Antonia and Emanuel, it was their desire to be a haven for more children. However, their apartment was too small.

In September 2007 they bought a house in Rupea (thanks to a Dutch loan), to make it possible for more children to receive a real home. Since June 2008 also Andreea, Cristina, Marius and Aurelia have become part of the family.

In 2012 Alina joined the family and from September 2013 the little Andreea is also included in the family. So, at this moment eight foster children live at the family.

It would be wonderful when this example of the Simonescu family can be followed by others. Because children don’t belong in a children’s home, but in a loving family. Will you make it possible that the family can continue this important work by supporting them financial? Thanks a lot!


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